Blooms On It’s Way

Beau papillon
2 min readMay 27, 2023
Photo by Rosyamei on Instagram

It's been officially 25th years since she was present in this world, I hope not only to be present but also to continue to live on in her journey of carving out stories.

She is a female friend that I have known since 11th years ago and still counting. The woman I realized from the start how strong her shoulders were, being the first daughter.

I can feel it when she shows concern for the people around her. Who easily reaches out her hand to help anyone who needs help.

But more than that, her determination amazes me when she can fight for and has the courage to speak about the choices she wants in her life, please always instill this in yourself.

25th years is certainly not a short time to concoct various interesting stories. I hope you always find your own way to be happy, to always bloom in every path you choose.

I am so grateful for the memories of the friendship we have made. All the attention and kindness you have given. If one day life brings you a lot of hurt and all kinds of obstacles, also lots of storms—I hope you know that you are enough and deserve to receive all kinds of goodness too.

Sending you the warmest hugs from afar. xx



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