The hardest goodbye

Beau papillon
3 min readSep 27, 2023
Portrait of an undergraduate who relinquishes student status

I believe that no one was sent by chance — yet everything was so wonderfully designed by God.

I do remember four years ago when she decided to choose a major that she was passionate about; Chemical Engineering. Right now, she must be proud to nail it off with an honor, and so did I.
For the time being, perhaps she is wondering about the way the world’s going on. But hey! look how far you’ve come.. I would say you did it great.

Don’t you remember our mother’s story about you?

It all started when you were in kindergarten and our mom about being confused looking for you, then it turned out that you were singing in front of many people. Oh, you have been such a bravo girl since childhood — and you have inspired me in this way.

Portrait of a lady blooming beautifully

Look at that happy smile.. We have gone through life with all kinds of storms that change every day, every year and every season. But this isn’t about me, I’ll show the world about you — about how strong you are in passing on certain pebbles that come into your life.

I know, you know maybe even now I’m still trying to be a good sister to you, and maybe you’re also doing the same thing as me.
I just want you to know that you are enough for me — the way you care about me, the way you listen to my suggestions (which you do in secret), the way you seem comfortable with who you are, and that is what matters.
Knowing you are in safe hands with your friends (they know who they are, only if they read this), gives me so much relief when you are surrounded by the good things that exist in this world.

It seems no one has told you that you’re courageous, you can determine your own destiny, and have faith in your heart.

Khairun Nisa,
I have asked our Bapak about the meaning of your name, and in it is the hope that you are the best woman. So we hope you can do everything with the best version of yourself.
If in the future there are many bad things happening in your life, I hope you’ll still be kind to yourself because you deserve it.

Much obliged for entrusting some of the unpleasant stories of your life to me. I try to keep our dreams together while slowly making plans to make them come true, may God bless our mission in this mortal world.
There’s nothing I hope for more than to gather in Jannah someday.. Aameen.

Portrait of an older sister who is immensely proud of her younger sibling (spew up)

Welcome to this new chapter in your life.. I do love you more than you’ll ever know.



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